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Over the years, we've created fun and useful services like Brizzly, Boxer, & Google Reader and led product teams at Slack, Pinterest, Google & Aol. We have an exciting new product in the works. It's almost ready for a few more test drivers to take it for a spin. Drop us your email and we'll send you an invitation soon.

We don't like spam either so we'll only use your email to announce new products.

Current products

Brizzly+ brings Undo, Redo, Auto-deletion and more to Twitter™. Our first subscription service, launched in early 2020 to enhance Twitter.

Brizzly Zero is our free tool for taking a break from social media. Launched in 2018 at the height of the disinformation wars.

A Little Guide is an experiment in creating buyer's guides. Launched early in the 2020 pandemic to provide information on masks.